week in review

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“A predisposition does not a predetermination make.” ~Walter Mishel, The Marshmallow Test

This weekend + week was all about travel, discovering a new city, making new connections and friends and taking risks. It was also about self acceptance at a time when I’m not feeling so great about my body and trying really hard not to feel shame and disappointment in this area (this was not easy). And, patience. Lots and lots of patience.

week in review
this week’s intention: self-compassion
last week’s gratitude: growth + progress + discovery
what I’m reading: Life After Life
read The Marshmallow Test: Mastering Self-Control + Trustology
fell in love with Austin
met new friends + made new connections
discovered new places + tried new things
completed mentoring interview for Goodwill Summer Bridge
lots of (great) conversations + time spent getting to know someone new
dinner + wine + catching up with one of my besties
wrote one poem
started new writing project (potential book?!)
continued processing + discovering + all the things related to the shift
drinks + good talk with good friend
failed (and was okay with it) no-spend month + juice-cleanse attempt
updated budget
read — a lot (started and finished two books)
skin club
took risks + discovered some things about myself
progress on work project
welcomed + onboarded new team member (work)
productive workweek + good work/life balance
created + completed work MITs
wrote + posted a shift + week in review
wrote + posted dearest you // a letter to self
created + completed personal MITs

weekend happenings + goals
host May Denver Creates + write
examine budget + categorize spending (must have, nice to have, probably don’t need)
install Nest (pray for me)
laundry + catching up around the house
officially begin new writing project + one-year challenge
write + publish one blog post
complete three Courage Works lessons
move my body
gift + card shopping for upcoming graduations, weddings, etc.
see Civil War

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