dearest you // a letter to self

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dearest you,

I’ve been a terrible friend. I’ve lied and manipulated and hurt you physically, emotionally and mentally. I wasn’t there for you many times when you’ve needed me and for this, and so much more, I am truly sorry.

you are amazing and you, like everyone else in this world, deserve love and happiness. sure, you’ve made mistakes and you’ll make plenty more before you take your last breath, but I’m so proud of you and the life you’ve made for yourself — for working hard and for your successes and the connections you’ve made and risks you’ve taken and for so much more.

you are amazing and I think you forget that a lot and I know I haven’t done my best to be there to remind you. you’ve allowed some things that happened in your past to stay with you and influence your actions and some of those have led to pain and bad habits and undesirable outcomes. but, you’re taking responsibility for the things you can change and are working through understanding what you can’t and forgiving those whom you need to forgive, including yourself. I hope you’ll forgive me as well.

I’m so proud of you. I hope you know that and realize how amazing you are. keep going. keep working. keep fighting for the best you you can be. I know you’ll get there and I’m so excited to be along for the journey.

love, me

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