week in review

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“Don’t spend your time looking around for something you want that can’t be found.” ~Rudyard Kiping, The Jungle Book

week in review
this week’s intention: write + reflect
last week’s gratitude: connections + opportunities
what I’m reading: Life After Life
hosted May Denver Creates + wrote — a lot
categorized + prioritized spending (must have, nice to have, probably don’t need)
successfully installed Nest
started new writing project + one-year challenge
saw The Jungle Book
dinner + drinks + downtown exploring with awesome companion
fun afternoon learning about dinos with my nephew
completed mentor training for Goodwill Summer Bridge
saw The Abolitionists
digital + email cleanup with the help of unroll.me
drinks + good conversation with friends
continued processing + discovering + all the things related to the shift
traveled to South Dakota + lots of time spent with family
phone date with one of my besties
inspiring day with fellow Leadership Development Program members
productive workweek + good work/life balance
created + completed work MITs
wrote + posted week in review
created + completed personal MITs

weekend happenings + goals
spend time with family
travel from SD –> Denver

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