2016 gratitude


“Be always at war with your vices, at peace with your neighbors and let each new year find you a better man.” ~Benjamin Franklin

as I reflect back on a year that was, well, rough for many — myself included — I’m choosing to do so through a lens of gratitude. it’s easy to get stuck on the bad and the negative, especially when recalling the events of 365 days as so often those are the moments our minds play over and over again. but, it’s because of those moments and events that I am entering 2017 a stronger, happier and more grateful human. those moments made me appreciate what and who I have and taught me to listen to my gut. they reminded me that life isn’t always what we expect — in fact, that’s rarely the case. but in the end, isn’t it pretty ridiculously amazing that we get to wake up each morning and have a brand new day to enjoy? to love? to live?

the past year was truly a transformation one. as I tie a bow around what was, I’m hopeful for an amazing 2017 for myself and all of you. here’s to another 365 chances to live each day to the fullest. happy new year!

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opportunity and ability to explore new places and connect with new people through travel: San Francisco (x2) + Super Bowl City. Jackson Hole. Las Vegas (x3). New Mexico. Austin. SoDak (x2). Wyoming. Steamboat Springs. Winter Park. Italy.

friendships — old and new — that not only help me get through the tough times but make the good times worth living: rang in the new year with friends + hours of games and celebrating. travels to spend time with my bestie and her family. countless happy hours and dinners with Denver friends. support from across the globe during a tough breakup in Italy. daily check-ins + convos with one of my favorites. new friendships.

moments of self-discovery and reflection: wrote my manifesto. weekly reflection blog posts. lots of journaling + reading. therapy. yoga.

creativity: many classes completed. Denver Creates. mala-making workshop.

opportunities to build my career + professional development: presented at Internal Communications Leadership Summit. one-year birthday of TSGT intranet. Leadership Development course. presented + led two-hour internal communications workshop in Las Vegas. resigned from TSGT after nine years. attended multiple conferences. TEDx Mile High. started new career at Charles Schwab.

lessons in love: fell in love — fast and hard. mended a broken heart.

reasons to come together in celebration: Super Bowl. one-year Goldspot anniversary. bachelorette party. weddings. baby showers. celebrated the life of a dear aunt.

opportunities to give back + make a difference: Alice Cares for Kids. Summer Bridge. Pro Bono Challenge. holiday family “adoptions.” Dressember.

fun + laughter: Ira Glass at Paramount. Nature & Science beer + food pairing. Misty + Brooke in Denver (Newsies + spa day). Elizabeth Gilbert. Laws distillery tour. Rockies games. concert with sis + niece. Tame Impala. Ludacris. Tool. Blossoms of Light.

milestones: voting for a female presidential candidate. three years in my home. bought new car. new job company. backyard landscaping + patio. celebrated 36th birthday with friends.

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