2017: the year of curiousity


“The important thing is not to stop questioning. Curiosity has its own reason for existing.” ~Albert Einstein

not one to create straight up resolutions for each new year, I’ve typically focused on intentions instead. however, this year for the sake of simplicity as well as to keep on par with my goal of minimizing, I’ve decided to choose one word as my theme for 2017: curious.

while the word can be perceived in a number of ways, for me it will mean the following:

  • noticing
  • learning
  • more time in the arena
  • not taking things for granted
  • vulnerability
  • connecting + listening to self
  • non-judgement
  • questioning the status quo
  • paying attention
  • not taking life so seriously
  • mindfulness
  • embracing the unexpected
  • instead of constantly trying to change thoughts, emotions and physical sensations, be curious
  • not looking for a specific answer but rather using the question as a method of experiential investigation


And because I can’t get the image of Curious George out of my mind when I think about curiosity, I’m adopting the monkey 🐵  as my official symbol for 2017. What are you focusing on for 2017? How will you make the next 364 days really count?

A look back on past years’ reviews + intentions:

(Image courtesy of The Red Fairy Project at theredfairyproject.com.)

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