11 reasons 2011 was amazing

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Between work, travels and cultivating an apparent perpetual practice of delaying the choosing and purchasing of materials, my 2011 written holiday greetings did not materialize. My intention was to mimic the practice of the past few years and send out some sort of new year card, but as it is currently January 4 and I have yet to take any action, it’s time to relinquish this plan and move on. So, as an alternative, I offer my 11 reasons why 2011 was amazing, in blog format and with accompanying photos. Happy New Year, everyone!

1) travels to amazing destinations — familiar and new — including a cruise with the likes of Guster and Stephen Kellogg & the Sixers, time in Charleston, Telluride, San Antonio, Steamboat Springs, Jackson, SoCal and two visits to South Dakota

2) hiking and skiing and all of the other amazing outdoor activities that I enjoy as a Colorado resident

3) good health: with the exception of a minor, four-day cold, 2011 was sickness free for me

4) family and friends visiting D-town

5) my career and the ability to continue learning and improving as a writer as well as the opportunity to take on new responsibilities

6) grad program numero dos: project management (one quarter down, five to go)

7) live music: Botanic Garden Concert Series (for free!), Death Cab for Cutie, Salt-n-Pepa, Prairie Home Companion and many more

8) friendships: new and old, near and far

9) volunteering and continued involvement in charitable causes

10) weddings and babies

11) snow, rain, sunshine, green leaves, naked branches, the colors of fall, flowers, gardens (basically, I’m very grateful to live somewhere with seasons)

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