and . . . I’m back

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In the midst of our lives, we must find the magic that makes our souls soar.

Hanging out in Kelly, Wyo. with Dave, Grace and Nipun

Let’s see, it’s been almost five months since I’ve posted last. What could possibly have happened in that amount of time? Turns out, a lot.

In an effort to provide a quick update and in lieu of a long narrative, I’m going to sum up the highlights of my  life since January in a David-Letterman top-10 style list. And, just a disclaimer, I’m nowhere near as funny as the late-night comedian. So, if you’re going into this with visions of laughing uncontrollably, you will to be sorely disappointed. Promise. Also, this list is not going to be funny. End disclaimer.

My mom and me in Costa Rica. Pura Vida!

10.) survived two quarters of PM grad classes, bringing the grand total to three and me to the halfway point of the program

9.)  travel, travel and more travel: D.C., Philly, Costa Rica, Breckenridge, New Orleans, Jackson Hole/Yellowstone

8.) Tebowmania, Avs and Nuggets games + numerous poor Rockies’ showings (so far, I’ve yet to see the latter win in-person since 2010)

Philly visit w/Brenna

7.) live music: Haunted Windchimes, Ingrid Michaelson, Blind Pilot, The Head and The Heart, The Shins

6.) skiing (crappy, at best)

5.) laughter and new memories with new and old friends

4.) met a great guy whom I adore more and more each day

3.) promotion/new job = fancy (and ridiculously long) new title: Strategic Communications Project Manager

One of the less crappy ski days that this season brought

2.) museums, movies (including the long-awaited and highly-anticipated first installment of the Hunger Games!) pub crawls, nights out, brew tour and scotch tasting

1.) rejoined the land of cable/lost cable/still waiting for the return of cable = vehement abhorrence  for DIRECTV

Well, that about sums up the past five months. I continue to feel oh-so very blessed and am continually thankful for my amazing life and all who help make it so.

Looking forward to what the summer months bring with intentions to post at a pace a bit more frequent than seasonally. Cheers to a summer full of laughter, good times and great company.

Brewery tour day with Tonya, Andrea and Amy (who was behind the camera for this one)

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