what I’m loving this week: a minimalized beauty routine (and the products that make is so)

As of recent, and mentioned in previous blog posts, the theme in our household is minimizing and simplifying — both as it pertains to stuff, as well as routines. Even before my boyfriend fiance (!) came along, simplification had been an intention of mine for about the past year or so and was put into the forefront more so when I changed jobs and adopted a longer commute (yes, I promise one day I’ll get over this — just not yet). However, combining my loose goal of having less stuff with his newfound learnings about minimalism, the effort has really ramped up. Continue reading “what I’m loving this week: a minimalized beauty routine (and the products that make is so)”

week(s) reflection + we put a ring on it

Some big things took place over the course of the past two weeks. First of all, my loves and I all hung out in the middle of nowhere Colorado with sans TV and other distractions (with the exceptions of books, games and nature) and we didn’t kill each other. Hurray!And, because we had such a great time, we decided, ”

And, because we had such a great time, we decided, “Hey, why don’t we make all of this official and go ahead and get married?” So, yeah, we’re also engaged (!), which, for me, means full-force planning mode. (And, yes, I read all of those blogs and advice columns and such that advise against getting into the planning phase right away but they clearly haven’t met me. And, if I’m being completely honest, I’ve had a spreadsheet since we first began discussing the probability of getting married months ago.) However, despite the fact that my planning brain has taken over, we did put aside the spreadsheets and dedicate last weekend to just enjoying our decision and celebrating the beginning of our lifelong commitment to one another (with the exception of one venue visit). It was an amazing weekend and we’re both beyond excited to gather with friends and family next year in celebration of our love. ❤ Continue reading “week(s) reflection + we put a ring on it”

own your bling

IMG_4326-1Recently, while ring shopping with my love, (yes, we’re engaged!!!), I became a bit obsessed with certain designs and design components related to the rings. You’re probably thinking, “well, duh, this ring has to be on your finger for the rest of your life, so you obsessing a bit over what it will look like is normal.” Which, I say to that, amen, because we did spend a lot of time coming up with a design I love (in fact, we ended up designing it ourselves).

However, my obsession was not directly related to ensuring I loved the ring, but centered more on what others would think — namely, was is too much? What would it say about me if my ring was “blingy?” Would I be perceived as showy or ostentatious? Would it seem like I was trying too hard to be noticed? And on, and on, and on. Continue reading “own your bling”

empowerment project + week reflection

This week, I had the pleasure of viewing the inspiring documentary, The Empowerment Projectwith fellow coworkers as part of our company’s women’s ERG. The film, released in 2014, features the journey of an all-female film crew who travel across the U.S. for one month capturing interviews from eight powerful women leaders in a variety of industries and lifestyles. The resulting product is one that inspires, empowers and, for me personally, prompted an investigation of my life and the path I’m on. Continue reading “empowerment project + week reflection”

week(s) reflection

From the top of a mountain to the depths of the sea (okay, just the shallow parts), the past two weeks have been adventure-filled and full of memory-making material. Of course, there was some work mixed in as well as some other mundane activities, but when I sat down this morning to reflect on all that took place in just 14 days, it was hard to believe everything we packed into such a short timeframe. And through it all, I just kept thinking how incredibly grateful I am for this amazing life and everything that comes with it. La vie est belle. ❤ Continue reading “week(s) reflection”

#allthelists update

IMG_3863List, lists, lists. I love lists. (I’m really hoping you just gave that your best Ron Burgandy treatment. And, if not, you should definitely go back and read it again and apply it.)  I make them weekly to track MITs, daily to capture to-dos and I create monthly and annual goals (although lately, I’ve been focusing more on annual intentions) to keep me on the right larger path.

As a testament to my love of lists, I currently have three active ones of the annual-plus variety: 101 things in 1,001 days + 2017 readolution + 2017 intentions (aka, the year of curiosity), the former of which I haven’t updated since earlier this year and the latter I’ve just kind of forgotten about since creating. The road to life is paved with good intentions, right? Continue reading “#allthelists update”

week reflection

“If you ever want your soul to dance, you will at some point have to juggle lightning and taste the thunder.” ~Christopher Poindexter

week in review
gratitude: friends
this week’s intention: heal
what I’m reading: Hunger: A Memoir of (My) Body
finished reading The Book of Hygge
recipient of a much-needed massage
suffered through continued arm pain + finally made a visit to the doc
hosted a super fun party with lots of awesome folks + live music Continue reading “week reflection”

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