week(s) reflection: Thanksgiving recap + holidays kickoff

Phew! What a packed last couple of weeks — and the holiday season has only just officially kicked off. And, speaking of kicking off the holiday, we officially became one of those families who decorate for Christmas before Thanksgiving. In our defense though, we were out of town Thanksgiving weekend and the weather was just so nice the weekend prior that we took advantage. Plus, we were feeling extra festive after treating ourselves to the Brown Palace’s holiday champagne brunch (which will likely be our one and only participating — WAY too many people). Continue reading “week(s) reflection: Thanksgiving recap + holidays kickoff”

what I’m loving this week: squash

Oh, fall — how I love thee. The scents, the sounds (hello, crunchy leaves covering sidewalks), the sights (fall colors are my favorite) and, last but not least, the tastes (too many to list). The season is truly a treat for all senses. And, while I would be hard-pressed to choose my favorite of all of fall’s offerings, as of late squash would likely top the list.

Nothing against its sister summer varieties, but there’s just something about winter squash that brings a sense of warmth and hominess. Walking into a kitchen where fall vegetables are roasting, including an ample amount of squash, is one of my favorite treats to the senses (ooooh, maybe I’m on to a new candle scent idea?!).  Continue reading “what I’m loving this week: squash”

pages from my past: ’90s bucket list

A few weeks ago, I was in search of some old paperwork I needed to sell a ring from my past (see shedding for the backstory). As I was digging through the remnants of my formative years — all contained within one hope chest and primarily consisting of journals dating back to the ’80s — to obtain the paperwork, I stumbled across a piece of loose paper with the words, “Someday I Will” penned across the top.

Continue reading “pages from my past: ’90s bucket list”

Why do you read Trajectory of a Life?

I’m taking a blogging course and as part of an assignment, am doing work to research my audience, including what they like to read about. So, I thought what better way to determine this than to ask? If you wouldn’t mind sharing why you read, what you like to read about and even what you would like to see more of, it would be greatly appreciated! Please include your response as a post reply or email me at nicole@nicjoy.me. Thanks!


“The trees are about to show us how lovely it is to let the dead things go.” ~Anonymous


In 2005, I purchased a ring for myself. But it was more than just a ring — it the first piece of real jewelry I had purchased for myself.

A portion of the funding for the ring had come from trading in of a small diamond promise ring from my ex. The relationship had been had been long and tumultuous and, although we were still civil and would eventually even become friends, it was imperative to my healing that I rid myself of the promise ring. Trading it in/up for the new ring — dubbed my “freedom ring” — was a bonus. Continue reading “shedding”

colors of autumn + week reflection

Viewing my Instagram account, the one thing you may notice is how hues of red and orange have taken over the past few weeks. While inadvertent, this happy accident reflects the colors of the season and why I adore fall. I promise I didn’t choose my current book based on its cover colors, that was just another happy accident. With wind in the forecast for the next few days, I’m keeping my fingers crossed that there will still be some fall colors left to enjoy for a few more weeks. But, just in case, I plan to spend as much as time as possible outdoors, taking care to pause more often and really enjoy mother nature’s annual fleeting gift. Continue reading “colors of autumn + week reflection”

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