this week in four good things

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Good thing number one: Getting back to routines and feeling normal-ish via cooking dinner, reading a book, going into an office (that happens to be just a few blocks from the ocean) and having a fully-unpacked house and nearly-complete moving to-do list because it’s wonderful to finally feel like I can breathe again.

Whitagram-Image 2

Good thing number two: Navigating my new commute and the Bay Area public transit system because, as it turns out, it’s much scarier than the story I had been telling myself.

Good thing number three: Celebrating the husband’s birthday with family and a yummy dinner out because he’s definitely worth celebrating. ❤


Good thing number four (because this week was too good to be contained in three things): Enjoying one of my Christmas presents from the hubs — HAMILTON! — because it was a nice treat to get out and enjoy the city and, of course, experiencing such an impressive work of art.



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