San Franciscans + January reflection

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You may be familiar with the memes being shared on social media about how excruciatingly long the month of January was and, while I feel that way most Januaries, I could relate this year more than any other. When I look back at all that happened in the first 31 days of 2020, it’s almost hard to believe it all took place in such a short timeframe. Obviously, the big thing is I began the month a Denverite and ended the year a San Franciscan. So, yeah, that’s a lot. But, somehow I also managed to live a relatively normal work life with minimal interruptions and get a whole bunch of other shit done — both related to the move and not.

It’s still too early to really assess how I feel about the big move. I’m beyond-the-moon excited for my husband and his new opportunity and I’m excited to have a new city (and state) to explore but it’s been tough to say goodbye to my life and friends in Denver. I know it will take time to adjust. I keep telling myself that it took me nearly 13 years to have what I did in Denver and I can’t expect that overnight here. Certain things have made the transition easier — a house we love, getting to finally use our dining room table, warm weather (which is both appreciated and also is going to take some getting used to) and the fact that I’m here with my loves. Focusing on what I’m grateful for helped me through some of the tougher moments of the last month and I plan to continue this approach while also reminding myself to be patient with it and me.

January highlights
survived 20-hour drive + road trip from Denver to San Francisco
completed sale of Denver house
survived a week living in a hotel
found a new house in SF
moved into new house in SF
completed address change for all accounts + set up all utility accounts
unpacked all boxes + began the process of making our new house into a home
started exploring new neighborhood
many walks with E in park
survived two weeks away from the hubs
read one book + promptly fell behind in my reading goals for the year
completed NYT daily mini crossword every day
final skin club appointment
made progress in getting the pup acclimated to new house
worked with only minor interruptions due to move
wrote + posted six blog posts
completed 2019 review
made progress on 2020 planning
New Years Day brunch with friends
Leopold Brothers tour
no sugar-ish
spa day + pedis with one of my besties
final purging + donations in preparation for move
celebrated husband’s first day at new job
saw “Knives Out”
goodbye coffees, lunches and dinners with some of my favorite Denver people
began 2019 tax return
completed 2020 travel planning
hair cut
last day at Lone Tree office + happy hour with coworkers
found new doc + colorists
found potential new daycare for E
appointment made for drivers test + car registration
said goodbye to coworker whose life was cut short
ordered new address cards
restarted WW after a few weeks’ break
explored new amazing bulk grocery story
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

February intentions + what I’m looking forward to
be patient with myself + allow grace for all of these huge life changes
complete Drawing as Self-Discovery
read three books
complete 2020 planning
write + post four blog posts
celebrate husband’s birthday
see Hamilton (!)
complete + file taxes
finish setting up appointments for new services in SF
find one volunteer event + group to sign up with/for
see Spongebob the Musical
continue eating mindfully + on plan
dine at Chez Panisse (!)
learn the SF public transit system + explore new commute
begin Choose One Word online course
finish hanging pictures + getting house set up
hair appointment + try new colorist
spend day at Monterey Bay Aquarium
continue walks with E + exploring neighborhood
finish hanging pictures + getting house set up
hair appointment + try new colorist
spend day at Monterey Bay Aquarium
Action For Happiness: Friendly February
continue walks with E + exploring neighborhood
move my body
quiet my mind

open tabs
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The Equality Conundrum
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