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living with less: our zerowaste-ish lifestyle part one — bath and body

It’s hard to believe the progress we’ve made on the zero-waste front. A few weeks ago, we realized we hadn’t emptied the trash in a month (now going on two) and we’ve now joined the ranks of “those people” who bring their own containers for basically everything at the grocery store (Seriously, the deli manager

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letting go of excuses + my zero-waste portable breakfast solution (finally)

Almost exactly two years ago, I experienced a huge life change when I left the company at which I had spent the past nine years building my career to try my hand at HR technology. Not only did my role change pretty significantly, but I gave up my fairly easy (and definitely comfortable) commute for

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zero-waste wins

  Little by little and week by week, we’re making gains in our quest to be less wasteful. Sure, we could still do better (isn’t that ALWAYS the case?) but today I was especially proud of our grocery purchases for the week. Not only were we able to knock out about the half of our

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