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missing: creativity (reward if found) + week(s) reflection

“Creativity exists more in the searching than the finding.” ~Stephen Nachnamovitch I’ve lost my creativity — specific to writing, that is (maybe not lost, but it’s definitely on hiatus). At work, I’m a creative monster knocking out strategic plans and developing new ways to do things like it’s nothing. And, maybe it’s that I’m pouring

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week in review

“And you? When will you begin that long journey into yourself?” ~Rumi week in review enjoyed a warm day at Denver FLEA spent time relaxing + reading cheered on the Broncos x2 (two wins!) hosted + played tour guide for cousin + friends multiple workouts + walks spent time with my favorite stylist + transitioned to

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2014: A Look Back

In reviewing my themes, goals and intentions for 2014, I’m happy to say progress was made in many aspects. The year was a difficult one for me – perhaps one of my most – and I believe that without these predetermined areas of focus, the past 365 days could have been much worse. In the

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