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summer sickness + week reflection

This week’s takeaway is that summer colds suck — especially when temps are consistently 90-degrees plus. On a positive note, I seem to actually be on the mend. I say actually because I began feeling better mid-week only to have my symptoms alter from a gross cough to more of a head cold with sniffling

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kindness begins with ourselves + week reflection

I have enjoyed every single minute of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) course I am currently taking — even the difficult ones or those I typically would shy away from (ahem, I’m looking at you body scans). But this week was by far the most impactful and relatable for me and, four days later, I’m

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week in review

“You don’t have to take a course or buy a product. All you have to do is change your mind.” ~Steven Pressfield week in review dinner + drinks + dancing with friends gym therapy monthly budget check + update + annual credit report check Rock & Roll Bingo + snuggles with my favorite pup final

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