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touristin’ it up in my home state

I have now almost been away from my home state of South Dakota for as long as had lived there. And, while I’ve returned at least once annually to visit the fam, attend events, etc., these visits rarely provided an opportunity, or reason, to explore the area in which I spent my formative years. However,

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week reflection + grateful

snuggles. giggles. games. pumpkin pie. catching up with friends + family. old traditions. new memories. repeat. #grateful “. . . have perspective. Without minimizing one bit of whatever is awful, it is also true that humans like you and I have been walking this earth for nearly 200,000 years. I see the trees, the land,

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week in review

“Wherever you travel to, appreciate the culture and beauty of the place.”  ― Lailah Gifty Akita week in review RSVP + began travel planning for Panama wedding registered for INSP conference continued French lessons binge-watched House of Cards season three reviewed + reflected on February goals set March goals wrote recommendation letter for friend 2 workouts (loving

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