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this week in our kitchen: sausage + leek + spinach quiche

Before I divulge the details of this yummy dish, I need to come clean on something: we made this recipe a month ago. Therefore, the post should really be called “this month in our kitchen.” Yes, I’m about four weeks late on this post, which seems to be the story of my life as of

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my whole30 success

When I began my whole30 journey 29 days ago, I was searching. Searching for something to help me break the spell of terrible eating habits that had taken over me the past few years. Searching for something that would redirect and quiet the constant negative self-talk. Searching for something that would resonate with me and

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week in review

Despite having a pretty hectic schedule the past week with multiple work trips, long days at the office to make up for the time away and attempting to get ahead in preparation for being out next week, I managed to accomplish most of my goals for the week. However, it was not without a significant

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