silence + week reflection

my typical Saturday morning of writing was interrupted this week by my attending an all-day silent meditation retreat yesterday. and, while the anxiety of not knowing how the six hours would unfold almost caused me to skip it, I’m SO incredibly grateful I decided to attend. to spend the day not speaking while alone is

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the mundane middle + week reflection

the past week was pretty mundane, which I don’t mean negatively but more in the sense of normal, every day, just moving along. that’s not to say there weren’t events that took place, progress made and good times had, but as I reflect on the past seven days the thought that comes to my mind is,

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much ado about doing nothing + week reflection

you know what’s difficult? doing nothing. as in, just being — with no agenda or check-list or expected outcome. just hanging out with yourself with no distractions. completely alone. with yourself. and your thoughts. yes, that’s right, JUST YOU AND YOUR THOUGHTS. I apologize if I sound a bit whiny — and I’m totally envious if

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