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week reflection

“I will live for love, and the rest will take care of itself.” ― Marina Keegan, The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories   week in review gratitude: my fiance this week’s intention: breathe  what I’m reading: Mindset: The New Psychology of Success + Essentialism read The Opposite of Loneliness: Essays and Stories + Check, Please (#1 – 3) suit shopping for fiance quick

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missing: creativity (reward if found) + week(s) reflection

“Creativity exists more in the searching than the finding.” ~Stephen Nachnamovitch I’ve lost my creativity — specific to writing, that is (maybe not lost, but it’s definitely on hiatus). At work, I’m a creative monster knocking out strategic plans and developing new ways to do things like it’s nothing. And, maybe it’s that I’m pouring

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week in review + lists + doing too much

I get that including a post about doing too much seems counterintuitive to include before a list of accomplishments for the week, but just hear me out. I am a list maker and item checker-off-er extraordinaire. Completing a task and making that checkmark and the accompanying feeling of accomplishments is my crack. (Perhaps this is why

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