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“And now we welcome the new year, full of things that have never been.” ~Rainer Maria Rilke more living in the arena + vulnerability doing less but doing it better + prioritizing get to know myself + use my talents + hold myself accountable more connecting + reconnecting does it spark joy? less worrying about what others

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2014: A Look Back

In reviewing my themes, goals and intentions for 2014, I’m happy to say progress was made in many aspects. The year was a difficult one for me – perhaps one of my most – and I believe that without these predetermined areas of focus, the past 365 days could have been much worse. In the

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less doing. more being. reflection. gratitude. more silence. more space. more movement.  daily writing. juicing. healthy eating. cooking. mindfulness. less buying. more enjoying what I have.  more reading for pleasure.  forgiveness. more listening. less talking. owning my actions. less living life in the comfort zone. more risk taking. more adventures. more honestly with myself. caring

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