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autumn slowdown

In an effort to organize my blog, I spent the morning adding pertinent categories and labeling past posts. As part of the labeling exercise, I discovered many draft posts that had been forgotten and lost among those that had made it to publishing status. The following is one such post — drafted in 2012 —

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week in review + reflections on a bad week

The past week was not my best. It started on Sunday with a feeling of anxiousness paired with boredom sprinkled with a general sense of not giving a shit. This undesirable state is not a new one for me, however, I can typically see it coming and building to that point, which gives me time

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week in review

Despite having a pretty hectic schedule the past week with multiple work trips, long days at the office to make up for the time away and attempting to get ahead in preparation for being out next week, I managed to accomplish most of my goals for the week. However, it was not without a significant

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