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what I’m loving this week: when shopping does good + the annual pumpkin candle search

it’s that time of year again — when all things turn magically pumpkin — which means my annual search for the perfect candle of the same variety is on. the perfect pumpkin candle, much like many other pumpkin-flavored or -scented products, should be seemingly easy to find since they’re everywhere. but, let me tell you

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autumn slowdown

In an effort to organize my blog, I spent the morning adding pertinent categories and labeling past posts. As part of the labeling exercise, I discovered many draft posts that had been forgotten and lost among those that had made it to publishing status. The following is one such post — drafted in 2012 —

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week in review

Don’t waste this precious life by merely existing. week in review completed + submitted presentation for Intranet Global Forum conference saw The Martian trivia continued no-buy October began 2016 travel planning + list attempted to focus on mindfulness/breathing + discovered this helpful tool spent lots of time with bestie + baby girl dinner + catching up with friend signed

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