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day 16

Day 16Today will be the daywe listened to recordswhile learning to play cribbageas the sweet scent of homemade zucchini bread blanketed the houseand rain pitter-pattered against the window panesbegging to be let into join the partyThe streets were quietthe park next door emptyToday was a good daywe were happyand healthyand it may not have been

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‘we’re not doing that’ + wedding traditions and their origins — in haiku

  We knew pretty early on in the planning phase that our wedding was not going to be “traditional.” From the time of our festivities (morning) to our vacillating between whether we’re actually having a ceremony or just a reception (we’ve more or less landed on the former), we don’t really fit the mold for

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thoughts from a train: outside your bubble

the vulnerability of not being protected by your car, from new people and happenings of the day. there’s a trusting action of putting your arrival into the hands of another. sharing a seat. interactions with strangers. burying yourself in a book. it’s easy to live in your bubble and not look around and out. it’s

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