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living with less: our zerowaste-ish lifestyle part one — bath and body

It’s hard to believe the progress we’ve made on the zero-waste front. A few weeks ago, we realized we hadn’t emptied the trash in a month (now going on two) and we’ve now joined the ranks of “those people” who bring their own containers for basically everything at the grocery store (Seriously, the deli manager

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2018: a simple year

Simplicity is an idea I’ve toyed with for a few years now. I’ve even gone so far as to complete a few significant purges, but the desire to consume — for a vast variety of reasons — was still there. And, the resulting behavior meant my closets, shelves, drawers, email inboxes, calendar and other spaces

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what I’m loving this week: a minimalized beauty routine (and the products that make is so)

As of recent, and mentioned in previous blog posts, the theme in our household is minimizing and simplifying — both as it pertains to stuff, as well as routines. Even before my boyfriend fiance (!) came along, simplification had been an intention of mine for about the past year or so and was put into the forefront

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