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week reflection + perspective

if there were ever a week during which a theme emerged, it was the events of the past week shoving perspective down my throat. between devouring the book Wonder (amazing. seriously read it immediately. do not pass go. do not collect $200. go now and read.), spending a time with a dear friend and her amazing brave

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silver linings

I consider myself a fairly optimistic person. I also like to think I’ve got a pretty good sense of self-awareness. one or both of these could be very wrong, in which case this entire post will be based on a fabrication (albeit, unintentional). but, for a more interesting story, let’s go with the rose-colored-glasses-wearing +

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new adventures

Nine years ago I packed everything I owned into my Pontiac Grand Am and made way from Delaware to  Denver, Colorado. I had no job, no place to live and no friends, but I was ready for a new adventure. A few months later, I was hired by Tri-State G&T, despite not having any knowledge

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