looking back on February + planning for March

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“Rather than feel impotent and useless, you must come to terms with the fact that as a human being you are infinitely powerful, and take responsibility for this tremendous power. Even our smallest actions have potential for great change, positively or negatively, and the way in which we all conduct ourselves within the world means something. You are anything but impotent, you are, in fact, exquisitely and frighteningly dynamic, as are we all, and with all respect you have an obligation to stand up and take responsibility for that potential. It is your most ordinary and urgent duty.”

– Nick Cave

February highlights

  • spent a wonderful week exploring Kaua’i
  • made it through my first cold in four years
  • celebrated D’s birthday
  • continued daily journal practice
  • one-year Peloton anniversary
  • annual magnificent magnolias viewing at SF botanical gardens
  • one 826 volunteer/tutor session
  • met up with a new friend for coffee date
  • signed up for 50-mile challenge in support of SFSPCA
  • saw Mean Girls musical (FINALLY!)
  • saw SIX (WOW, just WOW!)
  • saunaed and floated
  • met a new doggie friend + adopted a shelter pet for a day
  • made progress with new work team + responsibilities
  • joined Dear Grown Ass Women
  • made it through a mentally and emotionally taxing week
  • read book club book (didn’t make it to the meeting)
  • attended Pittie valentine’s day party
  • made progress/gained clarity with library construction project
  • completed and filed our taxes
  • tried four new local spots (El Techo, Piglet & Co., Arcana and Lolinda)
  • read three books + four magazines
  • survived more rainy days + atypical cold temps
  • enjoyed monthly call with friend group
  • 67 workouts/29+ hours (cycling, yoga, strength, walks, hiking, stretching)
  • rode 58.6 miles
  • Peloton milestones: 3k annual minutes
  • one Trajectory of Life post

March intentions + looking forward

  • 50-mile challenge for SFSPCA
  • 1,000th Peloton ride
  • read book-club book + attend meeting
  • start Italy planning
  • try one new activity/hobby
  • find a better fit for regular volunteering
  • complete one lesson per week of currently registered online classes
  • two friend dates
  • begin crosstown trail challenge + complete one section
  • quarterly finance/net worth review
  • possibly visit bestie in Ohio
  • host mother in law for weekend visit
  • read four books
  • meditate five days/week
  • facial + pampering session
  • continue daily reflection/five-year journal
  • continue making progress with new work team
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