100 good things of 2022

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  1. Paid off student loan + became debt-free (except mortgages)
  2. Bought house/condo in San Francisco
  3. Started new role as Staff Product Manager, Employee Experience at Peloton
  4. Packed + moved + unpacked
  5. Established primary care doc + annual health check + healthy/excellent ranges for all tests
  6. Completed 365 days of NYT mini crossword puzzle
  7. Discovered Wordle, became obsessed for a bit
  8. Completed 200-hour yoga teacher training
  9. Said goodbye to Schwab after 5.5 years
  10. Cycled 1,521 miles (Peloton)
  11. Celebrated two years in San Francisco and experienced our first year of “real” San Francisco with the return of all things post-COVID
  12. Got naked and scrubbed at a Korean spa
  13. Continued floating and tried cryotherapy and cold plunges
  14. Made more friends + connections in SF and started to feel a sense of belonging
  15. Continued being vegetarian at home + trying new recipes weekly
  16. Survived five rounds of restructuring + layoffs throughout the year
  17. Multiple magnolia viewings at the botanical gardens
  18. Successfully completed quarterly physical challenges (with the exception of 2nd quarter due to COVID)
  19. Tried two new therapists + multiple appointments with each
  20. Joined book club + hosted one session
  21. Enjoyed many episodes of Armchair Expert podcast
  22. Visits from mom, cousin, sister and niece
  23. Fostered Zinnia and Gordo
  24. Visited many new national and state parks, including Muir Woods and Humboldt Redwoods
  25. Celebrated a plethora of Peloton milestones: 14,465 total Peloton minutes, 600th ride, 700th ride (shoutout from Jess King), 800th ride, 900th ride (shoutout from Emma Lovewell), 200th yoga, 200th strength, 250th strength, two-year streak, 50th walk, 250th yoga, 250th meditation, 200th Peloton workout, 400th stretch, 75th walk, 6 PRs, 100th walk, 200th walk
  26. Celebrated hubs getting new job x2
  27. Visited Peloton HQ + PSNY + met coworkers in-person
  28. Got through COVID with minor symptoms
  29. Challenged myself with an interim role at work
  30. Sold car + bought new car + become one-car (EV) household
  31. Big haircut
  32. Met a good friend in Chicago for a fun weekend
  33. Lots of walking + exploring our new neighborhood
  34. Three camping trips (China Camp, Tahoe, Humboldt Redwoods)
  35. Many hikes + time with nature
  36. Celebrated four years of marriage
  37. Treated ourselves to dinner at Lazy Bear
  38. Foot test came back negative for nerve damage
  39. Ellie’s cancer scare turned positive after successful minor surgery
  40. Enjoyed many Broadway shows + musicals: Hadestown, The Prom, Oklahoma!, To Kill a Mockingbird, Moulin Rouge, Jagged Little Pill, Ain’t Too Proud, Beetlejuice
  41. Completed two 3×31 challenges
  42. Met up in Santa Cruz for a day of exploring with one of my besties 
  43. Tried something new with Even Ordinary
  44. Started regular facials
  45. After many tries, found a skincare routine and products that work
  46. South Dakota visit + lots of time with family and friends
  47. Survived many weeks of husband traveling for work
  48. Upgraded our Peloton to Bike+
  49. Completed professional bike fitting 
  50. Live rides with work team
  51. Attended San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  52. Tried a challenging in-person pilates class
  53. Quarterly financial review + assessment
  54. Grew net worth (despite stock market challenges)
  55. Splurged on some new cycling shoes
  56. Received special bonus/recognition at work
  57. Attended the SF Pen Show + bought my first “fancy” pen
  58. Read 21 books (The Unteathered Soul was my favorite)
  59. Celebrated my 42th birthday in Korea
  60. Visited the DMZ
  61. Explored Seoul
  62. Experienced Fleetwood Mac tribute via candlelight at Grace Cathedral
  63. Applied/accepted to Creative Writing Program at CCSF
  64. Celebrated five-year engagement anniversary
  65. Listened to many hours of Midnights
  66. Sipped lots of wine at multiple wine tastings + one educational session
  67. Celebrated Ellie’s 10th birthday
  68. Got boosted
  69. Learned and explored at Alcatraz night tour
  70. Enjoyed another season of “Somebody Feed Phil”
  71. Brunch with friends at the Palm Court
  72. Attended intense multi-day in-person yoga teacher training
  73. Received beautiful fall wreath from the hubs
  74. Went a bit overboard on fall + winter candles
  75. Puptober event + doggy maze and fat bully puppies
  76. Mulled wine to welcome the holiday season
  77. Thanksgiving getaway in Sedona
  78. Visiting The Amitabha Stupa and Peace Park
  79. Celebrated Thanksgiving with a ham nugget
  80. Completed first Turkey Burn run with Pelo family
  81. Daily gratitude through month of November
  82. Learned about the prison journalism project
  83. Hiked ~15 breathtaking miles in the Coconino National Forest
  84. Completed four-week in-person Buddhism program at SF Buddhist Center
  85. Began more serious planning and focus on early retirement/financial freedom
  86. Decorated for the holidays
  87. Created a fun advent calendar for Ellie
  88. Tried all kinds of interesting holiday drinks at Causwells
  89. Completed a challenging holiday puzzle
  90. Multiple LEGO sets completed, including typewriter
  91. Celebrated Winter Solstice + Yule
  92. Visits to SFMOMA, Craft and Design Museum, Asian Art Museum, Exploratorium, Monterey Bay Aquarium
  93. City walking tour on Christmas Eve
  94. Enjoyed annual tradition of watching Elf with niece and nephew
  95. Completed 826 Valencie volunteer training 
  96. Made my first gingerbread house
  97. Ejoyed a specialAnchor Brewing holiday tour + tasting
  98. Devoured a memorable and delicious Christmas Eve feast
  99. Literally rang in 2023 on a 2,100-pound, 16th-century Japanese temple bell
  100. Moved my body for more than 20,275 total minutes

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