July in review + looking ahead

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So, what if, instead of thinking about solving your whole life, you just htink about adding additional good things. One at a time. Just let your pile of good things grow.

~Rainbow Rowell

July highlights

  • fun trip to SoDak + lots of family and friend time
  • survived a week w/husband out of country
  • Ellie additional cancer checks + positive news
  • float
  • upgraded our Peloton bike
  • attended screening + San Francisco Jewish Film Festival
  • professional bike fitting
  • live ride with work team
  • camping at Tahoe
  • virtually attended writing gathering
  • challenging in-person pilates class
  • quarterly financial review
  • started Tunde Arms challenge
  • dinner with friends
  • continued exploring neighborhood restaurants
  • 83 workouts/22+ hours (cycling, yoga, strength, walks, hiking, stretching)
  • rode 100 miles
  • Peloton milestones: 250th yoga + 50th walk + surpassed 6k annual minutes + 250th meditation
  • three “even ordinary” posts
  • one “trajectory of life” post

August intentions + looking forward

  • 2000th Peloton workout
  • 800th ride
  • facial
  • book club
  • dinner @SPQR
  • Oklahoma!
  • try new therapist
  • read
  • hair appointment
  • complete Tunde Arms program
  • “even ordinary” weekly posts
  • explore yoga class at new local studio
  • start “Artist’s Way”
  • get back to daily + weeky + monthly habit tracking
  • hang art + finish decorating house
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