#allthethings/April review + May plans

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“All is flux, nothing stays still”

― Plato

Phew! What a month April was, during which time we decided to pack in as many significant life events as possible.

First, the hubs started at a new company and got a fancy new title/promotion (woohoo!). Second, I took my first big work trip to NYC, where I met my coworkers and tried my hardest to “bump into” one of my favorite instructors but, despite being in the studio at the same time as Jess King, it didn’t happen. Something that did happen is me bringing back COVID (even though I tested negative TWICE while in NYC) and sharing it with Dustin, so that was fun. Grateful we both made it through with pretty minor symptoms (thank you, scientists! #boosted). It still knocked us out for a few weeks and caused us to miss some big things we had on the calendar, but at least we’re on the mend now.

We also sold my car/officially became a one-car household, and ordered a new EV that will replace Dustin’s current one (which we’ll also sell when the new car is delivered). Oh, and we bought a house and are packing/preparing to move in a few days. And I cut my hair, which seems really insignificant at this point. 

We joke that the only thing left to do this year is a divorce (don’t worry — not even the slightest chance of that happening). And, before you think or say it, there is one other life-changing thing that could happen, but we’re remaining a baby-free house forever — unless that baby has paws. 

  • closed on house (!)
  • NYC work trip
  • facial
  • 45 workouts/15+ hours (cycling, yoga, strength, walks, hiking, stretching)
  • rode 43 miles
  • continued hardCORE On the Floor (sort of)
  • sold car
  • ordered VW ID.4 + canceled due to long wait
  • ordered Volvo C40 Recharge (EV)
  • hubs started new job
  • brought COVID back from NYC + gave it to hubs 😦
  • rested + healed
  • canceled a lot of plans due to COVID
  • took on temporary role at work
  • celebrated 5th anniversary of first date w/hubs
  • packed + prepared to move
  • dinner with one of my favorite people
  • some days of journaling + 100-days challenge
  • big hair change
  • meditation program (work)
  • listened to many episodes of Armchair Expert
  • watched many in-flight movies
  • one blog post
  • read one book

May intentions + looking forward

  • move into new house
  • book SoDak travel
  • girls’ weekend in Chicago
  • new car delivery
  • explore new neighborhood
  • 700th Peloton ride
  • first camping trip of 2022
  • extra-long holiday weekend
  • read four books
  • 100-day journaling challenge
  • continue daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking

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