a look back + big things happening in January

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And they call again, “It’s simple,” they say,
“and you too have come
into the world to do this, to go easy, to be filled
with light, and to shine.”

~Mary Oliver, “When I am Among the Trees”

December highlights

savored a solo wellness weekend at 1440 Multiversity
interviewed + offered + accepted new position at Peloton(!)
celebrated new job + enjoyed flowers from husband + friends
116 workouts – 27+ hours (cycling, yoga, strength, walks, stretching)
Peloton milestones: 1 PR; 30-day streak; 300th stretch; 200th meditation
rode 151 miles
continued hardCORE On the Floor
completed #3for31 + Peloton + Apple challenges
expanded retirement portfolio
continued sharing photos from our road trip
found new tenants for Colorado rental property
enjoyed time off for the holidays
adjusted Christmas plans after mom’s flight canceled
partook in 31 days of gifts
created + wrote + sent New Year cards
participated in member day at Harvest Moon Winery
got boosted
began 2021 review + 2022 planning
enjoyed a virtual evening with Brene Brown
explored Saulsilito + partook in Heath holiday fair
read three books
learned about Banksy
treated ourselves to feast of the seven fishes celebration
spent time with the in-laws in southern California
continued annual Elf-watching tradition with niece + nephew
continued daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking
tried a number of new recipes
signed up for two new online courses
wrote three blog posts

January intentions + what I’m looking forward to

complete 200-hr YTT
final days at Schwab
complete sharing road trip photos
prepare for new role
read six books
complete 2021 review + 2022 intentions
time off between jobs
SoDak trip + time with family
try Sunday Morning Write session
weekend away celebrating hub’s birthday (early)
block printing class
begin Leadership Reset and memior writing courses
continue The Lucia Collective
Happier January calendar
continue fitness routine + new goals for month
consume less sugar
continue daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking

open tabs

learning about Wu Wei
attainable aspirations
take action
women to learn from (podcast)
thoughts on enough
on my wish list
need help naming that feeling?
setting boundaries with toxic diet culture
calculating carbon footprint
thinking about thinking (podcast)
annual review help
an ‘ordinary’ life
enjoying winter
instant zen
the case for doing nothing
take time for this
what others think of you
a different approach to the holidays
beating the winter blues

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