spring has sprung + a look ahead

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“This big ol’ world and we only get to go through it once. The saddest thing there is, you ask me.”

― Brit Bennett, The Vanishing Half

April highlights

purchased new URL to kick start my blog refresh
started coaching sessions – two completed
34 rides = ~11 hours, 202.7 miles, 1 PR
first haircut since 2019
fun + educational day exploring Cal Academy
crow pose! (only a few seconds at a time but I’m improving)
participated in second month of Lucia Collective
celebrated fourth anniversary of first day with the hubs
completed a number of Peloton + Apple monthly challenges
successfully completed my first Pelofondo – 35 miles in two hours
splurged on a fancy outdoor brunch
1st dose of COVID-19 vaccine (YAY!)
completed many Apple and Peloton fitness challenges
discovered Yoga is Dead podcast
finished sections four + five of yoga teacher training
read four books — including first novel of the year
almost daily gratitude
multiple demos to large groups leaders (work)
booked trips to Denver and San Diego (YES!)
completed a very difficult puzzle (w/help from the hubs)
many calls + video chats with family and friends
passed 4,000 annual Peloton minutes
participated in yoga movie night
watched Promising Young Woman
fresh flowers
40-week streak for Peloton
continued exploring new areas of our city
85 workouts + 22.5 hrs (cycling, yoga, strength, walks, stretching)
entered a department store for the first time in more than a year
bought a coat (needed) + a purse (not needed — returning)
discovered another phenomenal TV series — Brooklyn Nine-nine
tried a number of new recipes
wrote five blog posts
continued daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking

May intentions + what I’m looking forward to

add new physical challenges to my routine via hardCORE On the Floor
complete sections six + seven yoga teacher training
read four books
350th cycle class
FTP test (keep putting this off each month)
no-buy year + return purse
complete Peloton + Apple fitness challenges
continue Lucia Collective experience
camping at Tahoe
at least one hike
second vaccinnation + celebrate being fully vaccinated
continue daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking
one hike

open tabs

for a dose of mindfulness
it’s never too late
rosé all day
upcycling ideas
get yourself out of that rut
wellbeing doesn’t mean diet
socializing post-pandemic
is it time to move on?
the amazingness that is forest bathing
sharing that’s good for people and the planet
interested in selling your used clothing?
the pandemic and positive thinking
food as a bridge for social anxiety
a new type of weekend

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