March review + looking ahead

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“We speak about losing our minds as if it is a bad thing. I say, lose your mind. Do it purposefully. Find out who you really are beyond your thoughts and beliefs.”

~Vironika Tugaleva

March highlights

passed 3,000 annual Peloton minute
celebrated Peloton milestones: 50th yoga + 150th stretch + 300th ride
36 rides = ~12 hours, 6,075 kj output, 219.9 miles, 2 PRs
900 calories shy of Apple activity goal of 26,500 move calories
completed 91 total workouts + more than 26 hours (strength, yoga, strength, cycle, hiking, running)
attended virtual book tour
participated in first month of Lucia Collective
enjoyed an outdoor wine tasting
completed a number of Peloton + Apple monthly challenges
foster dog adopted!
completed first 90-minute ride
participated in yoga movie night + yoga community talk
explored more parks + stairs + outdoor areas
continued no-buy year + successful third month
enjoyed Women’s History Month speaker series
reset with TDJ Live spring virtual event
joined other Monterey Bay Aquarium members for last Aquarium Live event
read five books + two magazines
spent a day exploring Santa Cruz
nearly daily gratitude
began reemerging via outdoor dining + brewery + coffee
completed sections two and three for yoga teacher training
completed + filed taxes
watched The Queen’s Gambit + Nomadland
discovered two new favorite coffee spots
obsessed over tulips
appreciated finally getting our new weight set
experienced a variety of yummy meals through La Cocina
tried a number of new recipes
wrote five blog posts
completed quarterly finances review
continued daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking

April intentions + what I’m looking forward to

participate in Pelofondo
celebrate four-year anniversary of first date with my love
COVID-19 vaccine eligibility
intentional mornings
bakasana (crow) pose improvement
continue no-buy year
read four books
complete Peloton + Apple fitness challenges
continue Lucia Collective experience
complete sections four and five yoga teacher training
complete one module in blogging course
at least one hike
begin researching + planning for our epic road trip
continue daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking
one volunteer activity

open tabs

personal values through journaling
on writing: paper vs computers
on the to-do list
getting over fear of failure
if you want to read more
welcoming change
don’t under-appreciate your successes
the case for namste-don’t
exploring self-concept
internal transformation as the path to changing the world
women in politics
the power in persuasion
a letter to write
fixing imposter syndrome at the root
gratitude as a healer
the body as a focus of liberation
inspiring kindness
grieving for all loses

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