a look back + ahead to March

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“The main thing is this, when you get up in the morning, you must take your heart in your two hands. You must do this every morning.”

~ Grace Paley

February highlights

celebrated hubby’s 40th birthday
virtual wine tasting with husband + extended family
enjoy vacation day + extended holiday weekend
started fostering pup
completed 81 workouts + more than 26 hours (strength, yoga, strength, cycle, hiking, running)
34 rides + 10 hours + 2 PRs + 189 miles
surpassed 2,000 mile Peloton annual minutes
completed two 60-minute rides
completed a number of Peloton + Apple monthly challenges
met goal to increase average hourly output for rides
250th ride + 100th meditation + weekly yoga and live Schweloton rides
completed Outside In immersive series
explored more parks + outdoor areas
continued no-buy year + successful second month
daily gratitude
increased time outdoors with intentional workday breaks
completed 1.5 sections of 200 hr yoga teacher training
conquered a long, difficult hike to the top of Mt. Tam
enjoyed another day at the botanical gardens taking in the magnificent magnolias
participated in monthly aquarium live (virtual) for Monterey Bay Aquarium members
took on new responsibilities at work + larger team + expanded scope
watched “Ted Lasso” and “Schitt’s Creek”
wrote five blog posts
read three books
meditated most days
continued daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking

March intentions + what I’m looking forward to

complete two 90-minute rides + train for Pelofondo
continue goal of daily outside/nature time
continue no-buy year
read four books
complete Peloton + Apple fitness challenges
increase strength workouts
begin Lucia Collective experience
complete sections two and three for yoga teacher training
complete one module in blogging course
at least one hike
continue weekly #Schweloton live rides + yoga classes
take FTP test
find the perfect forever family for our foster pup
continue daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking
one volunteer activity

open tabs

untranslatable beauty
healing through gratitude
ideas for a more intentional start to the day
a take on minimalism
losing with grace
thinking differently about how you do your job
some creative inspiration

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