December review + looking ahead to January

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“Blessed is the season which engages the whole world in a conspiracy of love.”

—Hamilton Wright Mabie

December highlights
completed 81 workouts (strength, yoga, strength, cycle, hiking, running)
46 rides + 6 PRs + 215+ miles
participated in plank challenge
read three books
completed three-day writing course
created + sent holiday cards
attended virtual holiday parties
wreath-making course + made a wreath
created citrus garland
two lives rides with Schweloton group
explored Mt. Diablo
made progress on WordPress blogging course
made progress on yoga teacher training course
virtual happy hour + catching up with friend
continued SF stairways challenge
sought out decorated homes
31 days of gifts program
completed 2020 review + 2021 planning
four blog posts
continued meditation practice
continued tradition of watching Elf with niece + nephew, virtually this year
celebrated holidays at home
continued daily NYT mini crossword + Spelling Bee challenges
continued to check out local restaurants via delivery/takeout
visited the botanical gardens
created many delicious meals
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

January intentions + what I’m looking forward to
200th Peloton ride
2021 planning + intentions
begin no-buy year
read three books
participate + complete Peloton + Apple fitness challenges
read three books
write six blog posts
continue meditation practice
continue yoga teacher training course
complete blogging course
continue #Schweloton live rides
participate in “Happier January”
pay more attention to moon phase
begin new daily + weekly + monthly habit tracking
complete 10-day journalling challenge
contemplate new long-term challenge

open tabs
tips for a minimalistic Christmas that extend beyond the holidays
a review of 2020 writing
letting go of “shoulds”
daily steps to simplicity
considering joining this community
beginning 2021 with positivity
freedom in the everyday – a mindset shift
hitting close to home
putting this back in my listening rotation
ideas for long-term goal setting
feeling inspired
2021 epic road trip planning
a different type of annual planning
if you’re looking to add joy to your life
adding many of these to my 2021 to-read list
calming actions
saying goodbye to what’s holding you back
adding many of these to my 2021 to-read list
calming actions
joyful days

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