reflecting on July + looking ahead

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Even in the middle of a global pandemic, when you’re yearning for the things you cannot do, there are so many opportunities to do. You just have to shift your mindset to “instead.” As I reflect on another month in this strange new normal, I am grateful for the instead. The month, like so many this year, may not have been what we planned initially, but it turned out to be one to remember. From elevating my physical fitness to new heights to finding creative ways to connect with others (and self) to making time daily to reflect and be grateful, July was indeed a gift.

July highlights
30 workouts (strength, yoga, strength/core, cycle, hiking, running)
exceeded Apple watch goal of 980 exercise minutes
began final class for Psychology of Leadership certificate program
read five books
wrote four blog posts
joined #Schweloton group + completed first live Peloton ride
celebrated one-year WW anniversary
joined #Pelothon2020 + completed first three weeks
continued regular meditation practice (5-7 days/week)
enjoyed some much-needed time away + rest
celebrated four years as a Schwabbie
survived the California DMV + completed final move tasks
hiked Mt. Davidson
said goodbye to Facebook
sent three “just because” gifts
decided an opportunity wasn’t right for me (tough decision)
three virtual friend dates
distanced meet up with friends
virtually attended Tales of Iconic SF Foods (presented by The Book Club of California)
enjoyed a half-day (virtual) retreat with Tranquility du Jour
continued 40-by-40 challenge (less than two months to go!)
gave back through CommUNITY challenge + KyndKits
tried my hand at tie-dying
crushed it with three PRs in one week (Peloton) + 13 rides total for month
went a bit wild + dyed my hair pink
continued daily NYT mini crossword + Spelling Bee challenges
booked birthday weekend away-ish
explored The Huntington Botanical Gardens
splurged on some fun sandals
participated in Action for Happiness – Jump Back into July
purchased flowers + explored farmers market
continued to check out local restaurants via delivery/takeout
continued using Habit app to track gratitude and other items
continued daily NYT mini crossword + started playing Spelling Bee
created many delicious meals
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

August intentions + what I’m looking forward to
complete Psychology of Leadership certificate program
continue CommUNITY challenge + give back
try bookbinding
read four books
write six blog posts
start 40 days to 40 challenge (still deciding what this is going to be)
continue meditation practice
complete Writing for Inner Calm course
keep working on 40-by-40 challenge
complete #Pelothon2020 + continue #Schwelton live rides
meet Apple watch monthly fitness challenge
start new Peloton challenge
camp + spend time in nature
send more “just because” gifts
continue exploring bay area via hikes
celebrate the reopening of the library (curbside)
participate in Action for Happiness – Altruistic August
write more
decide what’s next from a program/course perspective

open tabs
nature printing
giving compliments
interconnected nature
peak wellness nonsense
not-so-simple life
gratitude scavenger
live each task
tipping in a global pandemic
NorCal road trips
little things make a good relationship
unique California Airbnbs
support Black-owned wellness businesses
if you’re looking for your next TV binge

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