reflecting on May + looking ahead

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As I reflect back on May and plan for June and beyond, I find myself dealing with overwhelming feelings of anger, anxiety, and frustration. Life is full of volatility and unrest right now. We are a nation and a world in crisis. We are and have been amid a global pandemic for months and, more recently, a nation (and world) fed up with the senseless killings of black Americans.

We wonder how we’re going to get through. I continually hear people say they can’t wait to “get back to normal,” but that pre-COVID “normal” we knew just a few months ago is no longer. That “normal” we knew in the days before George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and so many others were killed is no longer. We are no longer who we were. The world is no longer what is was. There’s no normal in which to return; we must forge a new path forward.

My path forward has first been to turn inward. As it specifically relates to being a better ally to the Black community, I have asked myself (and answered) some difficult questions: How can I be a better friend? How can I be a better human being? What is my role in creating a more whole and just society? What can I do to help?

While I am still in the process of self-reflection and searching for answers, I have also shifted outward to take action:

  • Reading + completing exercises for “Me and White Supremacy
  • Sharing resources + showing solidarity via social media
  • Donating + supporting
  • Participating in “The Great Unlearn
  • Participating in “Showing Up for Racial Justice
  • Speaking up and calling out racism in myself and others
  • Checking and challenging my unconscious biases
  • Educating myself
  • Being kind to all
  • Practicing gratitude
  • Being more mindful of what I say and how I act
  • Daily meditation: May all beings be safe. May all beings be happy. May all beings be healthy. May all beings be peaceful.

Moreover, I’ve committed to recognizing when I, as a flawed human, could do better, apologizing, and then doing better. I realize this will take practice and patience, but I’m more than willing to do the work. It’s the least I can do. It’s the least we all can do.

“Apologize, knowing that you are biased and you probably do make assumptions based on race or gender or any number of other factors.” ~Celeste Headlee, Racism vs. Discrimination: Why the Distinction Matters

May highlights
exceeded 35-mile run/walk goal (38.03 miles)
continued/pass halfway point for Psychology of Leadership certificate program
read 7 books
17 workouts / 52% exercise ring closure (up 11%) / more than 13 hours of exercise
wrote seven blog posts
on track for WW/tracking
wrote + send postcards
participated in virtual beer fest
tried many new local coffee roasters
joined Friends of the San Francisco Public Library
joined City Arts & Lectures
many hikes + exploring our new city: Ocean Beach, Coastal Trail, Golden Gate Bridge, 16th Ave. tiled steps, Presidio, Twin Peaks, Land’s End
participated in weeks 2 – 5 of Kripalu’s RISE program
celebrated Mother’s Day + in-laws 40th wedding anniversary from afar
started 30-day song challenge on Instagram
participated in Monterey Bay Aquarium Member Night (virtual)
continued to check out local restaurants via delivery/takeout
hunted for rainbows
explored roadside greenhouses + officially became plant people with 20 plants
watched Launch America
optometrist appointment
FINALLY got DMV appointment — for late July
joined Associate Board of Ambassadors for American Cancer Society
completed happiness photo challenge
discovered the greatness that is Community
continued supporting local bookstores
participated in HBR anxiety program
celebrated friend’s engagement from afar
continued using Habit app to track gratitude and other items
continued daily NYT mini crossword
created many delicious meals
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

June intentions + what I’m looking forward to
celebrate second anniversary of being married to my favorite human
read six books
write six blog posts
complete two courses for Psychology of Leadership certificate
start meditation sidekick journal + daily meditation practice
40 miles run + walk
keep working on 40-by-40 challenge
try bookbinding
take photos with DSLR
daily outdoor time
80% move ring closure for month + on-plan for WW
continue weekly gratitude post
begin actively contributing to ABOA as marketing/social media manager
participate in Action for Happiness Joyful June
participate in “The Great Unlearn”
complete RISE program

open tabs
tracking national parks reopenings
ideas for what to read next
dealing with the new normal of boredom
finding connection in classic books
people over products
10 keys to happier living
taking care of your mind
anti-racism resources
building resilient teams
learn about well-being for free
10 keys to happier living
wild geese
exploring a different type of budgeting
shifting your mindset when life is too much
yes to life, in spite of everything

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