30 days of haiku

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In celebration of National Poetry Month, I flexed my creative muscles by participating in a 30-day haiku challenge in April. Beyond the guidelines of creating a haiku each day, I also vowed to write whatever popped into my mind and go with it — no rethinking and no editing.

I did cheat a bit in that I didn’t create a haiku each day — there were definitely some catch-up days. But, I did complete the challenge and it made for a fun month. Enjoy!

4.1 // through the window
sunshine on the grass
green blades swaying in the wind
pink bud pushes up

4.2 // around the house
dog searches for warmth
chasing sunlight as it moves
basking in the glow

4.3 // thoughts on driving
driving has become
a past life activity
given up for home

4.4 // nourishing meal
massaging the kale
homemade sauce bubbles on stove
pasta al dente

4.5 // spring light
earlier to rise
each day lengthens, nights shorter
tulips bend you

4.6 // meditation on flowers
peeking out of green
a hint of yellow appears
oh what a delight

4.7 // folding laundry
chaos on the bed
with addition of hanger
transforms to order

4.8 // hope
they say it’s feathers
and happens without a word
and ceaseless singing

4.9 // someone you love
we wake in the morn’
I find you among the sheets
reluctant to rise

4.10 // plant friend
watch you grow and change
in awe as you stretch your wings
giving us pleasure

4.11 // a photograph
young, innocent girls
before the world played its games
life simply a day

4.12 // something you long for
in a cafe booth
ordering coffee with cream
watching, sipping, free

4.13 // birds
I hear them singing
reminding of their presence
and that spring is here

4.14 // on a walk
here comes a big hill
they seem to be everywhere
in this new city

4.15 // thoughts while cooking
chop, slice, grate, peel, crush
the motions, the sounds, the act
a meditation

4.16 // pets
who was I before
you entered into my life?
I don’t care to know

4.17 // front yard view
where there used to be
people and action and life
a silent street lies

4.18 // backyard view
the grass freshly cut
patio furniture begs
to be uncovered

4.19 // thoughts while cleaning
what used to be chores
is welcome activity
to move, pass the day

4.20 // trees
how can it be true
that flowers can grow on trees
and then turn to leaves

4.21 // morning breakfast
ow can it be true
that flowers can grow on trees
and then turn to leaves

4.22 // made you laugh
you roll on your back
legs in the air, strange noise
we can’t help laughing

4.23 // seasonal shifts
spring awakens us
summer rewards, winter pause
fall, we say goodbye

4.24 // pile of paper
work to be done now
add it to the pile, lost now
will it ever get done?

4.25 // tea or coffee
sign of the day’s start
or special afternoon treat
warm from inside out

4.26 // lighting a candle
we push a button
how candles have changed today
same flickering light

4.27 // on the road
asphalt passes by
tires rotate, scenery
destination bound

4.28 // breath
in, lungs become full
out, collapsed through a loud sigh
pause for gratitude

4.29 // on your street
buses fly by, fast
cars too, but not as many
people here and there

4.30 // through your window
wind blowing, leaves bend
sun peeks out, then disappears
fog starts rolling in

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