reflections on a month at home + May intentions

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Like many of you, April was marked by the first full month of quarantine. In the Bay Area, our shelter-in-place has been extended through May, so it seems that April may be the first full month of at least two but, with things changing what seems like almost minute-by-minute, we’ll see how the next 30 days play out.

For us, April was also the tipping point for the days we’ve been in quarantine now outnumbering the days we haven’t since moving to our new city. Needless to say, we long for when we can safely leave our home and continue exploring San Francisco and the surrounding area. We’ve been doing what we can to not be completely closed off and even did a long urban hike, which was a great way to discover new places on foot. Our list of post-quarantine things to do and places to visit continues to grow by the day.

For now, we are grateful for what we can do and continue to do our best to focus on the good.

“Those who are resisting quarantine are not advocating for “live free or die”, they are advocating “I must have my freedom even if it means harming others.” Remember, if your freedom comes at the cost of other people’s lives, then that’s not freedom, it’s savagery.” ~Abhijit Naskar

April highlights
completed career exploration fellowship course
started Psychology of Leadership certificate program
completed Psychology of Getting Things Done course (psych leadership program)
read 11 books
15 workouts / 43% exercise ring closure (up 4%) / more than 10 hours of exercise
wrote six blog posts
exceeded goal of walking/running 30 miles (30.66 miles)
completed 30 days of haiku challenge
celebrated third anniversary of our first date
connected with friends + celebrated via virtual baby shower
continued playing games with the hubs
on-plan for WW
received beautiful flowers from hubs
began six-week RISE program
first meeting for year-long global product advisory committee (work)
urban hike adventure through the city
presented on panel for virtual digital Employee Experience Summit
connected with CO book club ladies via virtual happy hour
went through trunk o’ memories + released some items
virtual coffee hour with good friend
read two classics (Walden + The Bell Jar)
connected with my bestie via “Sitting in the Fire, Boundaries + Self Sabotage” Masterclass with Coby Kozwolski
one vet appointment + treatment for the pup
treated ourselves to a fancy food processor
celebrated Earth Day
played piano
devoured three seasons of Ozark
began 10-day happiness challenge
completed Nurture Your Newsletter Masterclass
practiced photography
continued using Habit app to track gratitude and other items
continued daily NYT mini crossword
did our part to support local with online orders: Dog Ear Books, Alexander Books and The Therapy Store
fell in love all over again with John Krasinski via Some Good News
sipped many cups of Ritual coffee
created many delicious meals
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

May intentions + what I’m looking forward to
30 days of “What Good Shall I Do This Day”
35 miles walk/run
read/complete activities for “My Perfectly Imperfect Life
read six books
write six blog posts
complete two courses for Psychology of Leadership certificate
continue experimenting with watercolors
complete two fun online classes
keep working on 40-by-40 challenge
celebrate moms + grads + birthdays from afar
take photos with DSLR
daily outdoor time
80% exercise ring closure for month + on-plan for WW
continue weekly gratitude post
learn how to play Go
meditate more
take part in the San Francisco Beer Festival — digital edition
continue RISE program

open tabs
reading in a pandemic
living a hell-ya life
take care of your mental health
connect with a stranger
travel inspiration
make do with what is
money diaries
for the real book nerds
building resilient teams
best/worst quarantine self

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