our plan to help flatten the curve (aka, how we’ll stay sane + take advantage of more time at home)

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Like many around the globe, we’re doing our part to protect the global community by making the kind choice to limit time outside of our home. This means shifting our typical event-driven days to things we can do inside or in places where we can practice safe social distancing. It’s currently pouring rain here in SF, which makes it even more difficult as outside activities aren’t an option for now. However, we know there are blue skies ahead — both in the literal and figurative sense.

For now, we’re looking on the bright side of more time at home. I’m sharing the list of our ideas for how we’ll do this in case it might be of use to others looking to do the same.

  • Complete the coursework for my new online class that starts this week
  • Check-in on friends + family via phone + video chat
  • Make a dent in the unread books on my bookshelf
  • Take advantage of free ebooks from the library (even though it’s closed, ebooks are still available)
  • Complete the few small tasks we still have from moving
  • Play piano
  • Snuggle with Ellie
  • Play board games + cards with the hubs
  • Catch up on movies we’ve wanted to watch
  • Meditate
  • Practice yoga
  • Peloton classes
  • Write
  • Blog calendar + plan
  • Finish digital brand audit
  • Make cookies
  • Take an online class
  • Learn how to use the new paints I bought
  • Neighborhood walks + more park exploring (once the rain lets up)
  • Plan our next vacation
  • Catch up on podcasts + discover new podcasts
  • Create a gratitude list
  • Flex our creativity with our recipes + meals (since some ingredients are limited)
  • Pick up where I left off on learning French via Rosetta Stone
  • Enjoy the sunrise + sunset
  • Listen to music
  • Complete the Sunday NYT crossword
  • Color in a coloring book
  • Update life goals + lists
  • Be soothed by flickering candles (I’m in love with we’ve done with our fireplace)
  • Nap
  • Breathe

The grand essentials to happiness in this life are something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.

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