reflections on an atypical February + a look ahead

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“San Francisco itself is art, above all literary art. Every block is a short story, every hill a novel. Every home a poem, every dweller within immortal. That is the whole truth.” ~William Saroyan

February is usually a month I dread (although that’s changed a bit since meeting my husband and celebrating his birthday that month). The deadness and cold of winter are getting old. The magic of the holidays and starting a new year seem so far away. Despite it being the shortest month, it always manages to feel so incredibly long.

This February was not that. It was not any of those things. This February was not “normal” in any sense of the word. The place, the weather, the day-to-day — it was all new, which makes it challenging to dread as per usual. When it doesn’t really feel like any of what it has ever been, it’s easy to reset and rediscover what the month can mean.

For us, it was a month of discovery and play and wonder. We explored. We celebrated. We indulged. We enjoyed learning more about our new home city (and surrounding area) through these activities. And, while I’m not going to complain about daily weather that feels more like the April and May I’m used to, that — and everything else — is going to take some time to get used to. In the meantime, I appreciate a February like none I’ve ever had, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to learn and grow with each new experience.

February highlights
walked — A LOT
read one book
completed 2020 planning + intentions
wrote + posted eight blog posts
celebrate husband’s birthday
saw Hamilton + Spongebob Squarepants the Musical
completed + filed taxes
paid off car loan
started Choose One Word course
completed three lessons in Drawing as Self-Discovery course
found new stylist I like + hair appointment
researched local book clubs to join
researched + joined (online) many different groups
voted in California primary election
dined at Chez Panisse + explored Berkeley
navigated + started to get comfortable with new commute + public transit
played at the Exploratorium
spent a day as tourists + doing touristy things in our new city
celebrated one month in SF
completed many tasks to get our new house in a good state
discovered an amazing local greenhouse
started forming routines + feeling more comfortable in new city
spent time with family/in-laws
many visits to the Ferry Building
enjoyed a quick getaway to Monterey + Caramel
new vet + appointment for the pups
invited to participate in professional panel next month for ServiceNow
filled our new home with plants
continued exploring new neighborhood + park with the pup and hubs
booked anniversary weekend trip
dinner with good friend in San Jose
joined Professional BusinessWomen of California
joined The Bookclub of California
began personal brand audit
registered for Colorado Alumni Career Change Fellowship
continued weekly “three good things” practice + blog post

March intentions + what I’m looking forward to
read three books
write + post four blog posts
host our first guests in our new city (if COVID-19 lets it happen)
begin career exploration fellowship
get library card
find new bookstore I love
find one volunteer event + group to sign up with/for
attend one ERG event (work)
continue trying new yummy restaurants
drinks with former coworker
finish to-do list for moving (dentist, optometrist, aesthetician)
continue Choose One Word online course
attend live “How I Built That” event (one of my favorite podcasts)
find E a daycare + new friends
attend one Meetup event
continue walks with E + exploring neighborhood
80% exercise ring closure for month
make plan to complete remaining 40 by 40 activities
continue moon tracking + intention setting (Lunarly)
Action For Happiness: Mindful March
visit Book Club of California
anniversary planning

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