my manifesto: an update


As part of the “homework” for Tranquility Salon Online, a four-week course I’m taking this month, we were to create our manifesto. I had a bit of a head start though as I had developed mine nearly four years ago as part of my intention setting for the 2016 new year. But, instead of taking a short cut and just posting what I already had completed year ago, I decided to take the opportunity to review my manifesto and make any applicable updates to bring it to current.

As a result, I was reminded of just how much has changed since January of 2016 and the extent of the impact of those changes. I found myself extending my manifesto to be inclusive of such things as my fur baby and my husband and removed a few items that didn’t hold as much weight anymore. The end result is as follows but I’m certain this exercise will be one I come back to throughout the years as it serves as a good reminder of how life changes us.

my manifesto

I believe in kindness for self and others. | I believe in do-gooding regularly with no need for recognition. | I believe in pedicures and spa days. | I believe learning new things and taking classes is the path to self. | I believe taking steps outside one’s comfort zone should be done daily. | I believe accessories make an outfit. | I believe music is truly good for the soul. | I believe in solo travel and movies and dinner dates. | I believe in wanderlust. | I believe in making lists and plans and goals. | I believe in taking time to laugh and learn and love. | I believe your life is your message to the world and you should do all you can to make it inspiring. | I believe in leaving a legacy. | I believe being at 36k feet with no access to cellphones is bliss. | I believe in home-cooked meals prepared with loved ones. | I believe in pausing and mindfulness and taking time to just be. | I believe the city is where I belong but there’s something to be said about wide-open spaces. | I believe in friendships and time spent laughing and building relationships. | I believe we are all connected. | I believe that book stores and libraries are magical. | I believe in hard work and integrity. | I believe we are all doing the best we can with what we have. | I believe rescued is the best breed. | I believe in mountain air and campfires and stargazing and majestic peaks. | I believe less is more + one in, one out. | I believe in writing in the margins (and all over the pages). | I believe that my feet hitting the pavement and fresh air filling my lungs can change even the worst day. | I believe in lazy weekend mornings of writing and coffee drinking. | I believe in being a little bit overdressed for every occasion.  I believe in four-legged, furry kiddos. | I believe in BYO and reducing single-use. | I believe in recording life through journals and blog posts. | I believe living in the arena and being vulnerable is the only true way to grow as a human being. | I believe true love is worth waiting for. | I believe in doing what sparks joy. | I believe the only way out is through. | I believe in owning your story. | I believe nothing is wasted. | I believe in holding myself to a standard of grace, not perfection. | I believe in beginning again, and again, and again.

~Nicole Joy, 1/3/2016 + revised 10/5/2019


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