okay, fall — I’m ready for you + August reflection

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Can you feel that?

The darkness extending through the night just a bit longer. The slight crispness to the air. The trees beginning to let go of their green symbol of summer and giving way to the softer colors. Fall is coming!

But, before I can fully engulf myself into all the amazingness that is the ninth month of the year, I guess I have to give it its due. I’m not a big fan of August. It’s kind of like the summer version of February for me: I’m tired of the cold <hot> and I’m craving some variation from Mother Nature. (Disclaimer: My dislike of February has reduced a bit since meeting my now-hubby since that month holds his birthday. I still don’t like it — but at least there’s something good to look forward to.)

To improve a month I’m not excited about, I inadvertently packed in so many activities and things to look forward to that it is essentially impossible not to look back on the month with gratitude — there was so much good.

First of all, after many, many months (years?) of wanting to learn more about the field of positive psychology, I finally took a big step and signed up for — and started — an online certification program through U Penn and Coursera. Even more exciting is that I finished the first course and began work on the second. My goal is to finish all five courses by the end of 2019.

Something else that took place in August — although unexpectedly — is that I decided to fulfill a life-long dream and take a course with an author I admire immensely at one of the most amazing places on earth. That’s right, I’m going to be writing with Cheryl Strayed at Kripalu in April. I.CANNOT.WAIT!

And, as demonstrated by the photos and list below, August brought even more goodness with it — time with family, date nights, a wedding and more. Maybe I’ll start cutting the month a bit of slack . . .

And now, just like that, September is upon us — the month that brings the transition from summer to fall and many goodbyes until next year. The last of farmers’ markets (sniff) and baseball (presumably, because our home team isn’t doing so hot) and camping and so many other things that I don’t give summer enough credit for. I look forward to savoring what is left of the warm months while fully embracing the first hints of fall.

“Comparison is the death of joy, and the only person you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday.” ― Rachel Hollis, Girl, Wash Your Face


August highlights
read three books
wrote + posted one blog post 😦
stayed on plan for WW
completed first course for positive psychology online certification (!)
discovered the amazingness that is Veronica Mars (yes, I’m aware I’m 15 years late to the party)
made significant progress on the dining-room table project (with hubs)
completed interviews for new team member + extended offer (work)
two Rockies games
celebrated friends’ new home
met + considered adopting pup
saw Anastasia
long weekend away + camping + explored Grand Lake
car service appointment
celebrated friend’s marriage
dinners + drinks with friends
many library visits
day trip to Steamboat Springs
hosted niece +friend
South Dakota road trip + family visit
played tourist at Wall Drug + Badlands National Park
finally got new glasses
movie date with the hubs — Once Upon a Time in Hollywood
artist’s date + exploring at my favorite local book store
began an obsession with Veronica Mars

September intentions + what I’m looking forward to
make continued progress on our dining-room table project
pamper + self-care for myself during birthday month
Rockies game + beer fest
read three books + new issue of Bella Grace
book club
get back to blogging/writing + four blog posts
complete second course of positive psychology program
begin third course of positive psychology program
40 by 40 update (one year to go!)
see The National
cycle + move
continue eating mindfully + on plan
create fall goals
self-care September
one artist’s date
tire rotation, rock-chip fix and other car tasks
celebrate another trip around the sun
enjoy birthday weekend in Palisade

open tabs
Everyone Sang
Being Positive: It’s Not Mindfulness, It’s Savoring
The Varieties Corpus
The Importance of Falling in Love with Something
It Takes Courage to Become Who You Are
Making Sure Your Stress Isn’t Contagious
Action for Happiness: Self-care September
Practicing with the Fear and Pain of Missing Out on Opportunities
Why Do Human Beings Do Good Things? The Puzzle of Altruism
What Your Tweets Say About You

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