welcome, summer + month reflection

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June has come and gone — and it brought many wonderful moments and also a few challenges, the largest of which I documented in a prior post: post-achievement blues. I’m a bit behind (like, more than a week) on posting my monthly reflection but, for good reason, as I spent the first part of the month unplugged. The hubs and I enjoyed a getaway that included time in Seattle, cruising the Pacific and exploring Alaska (more details in future posts). As usual, the time away went WAY too quickly but I’m so very grateful for the experience.

“Now I think it’s one of the most useless questions an adult can ask a child—What do you want to be when you grow up? As if growing up is finite. As if at some point you become something and that’s the end.”
― Michelle Obama, Becoming


June highlights
read eight books (30 of 35 for the year)
took a risk + put myself out there for a new career opportunity
spent three glorious days playing tourist in Seattle
saved a pup from being euthanized + became a foster parent
two blog posts
hugely successful product implementation (work) + officially closed out year-long project
celebrated one-year wedding anniversary with my love
exchanged paper gifts for our anniversary
boarded cruise ship + began our Alaskan adventure
completed two lessons in emotional eating course
experienced some post-achievement blues
book club
French high tea at our favorite local tea shop
spa day + pampering
enjoyed yummy eats at brewery collab event with Thistle and Mint
Rockies game
dinners, drinks and other various meet up with friends
learned how to make our own kitchen table
one Peloton ride 😦
sent off our first TerraCycle box
enjoyed lots of beautiful flowers
celebrated the return of farmers’ markets(!)
completed seasonal wheel of life (summer)
Growing the Good lesson
Goodwill donation

July intentions + what I’m looking forward to
enjoy Alaska + unplug
complete mid-year review + check-in
read three books
celebrate 50th state visited
book club
complete emotional eating course
four blog posts
Growing the Good lesson
“Beer, Here!” museum exhibit
cycle + move
Rockies game
find forever home for our foster pup
begin work on our new dining table
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory
Global Dance Fest (the hubs talked me into it)

open tabs
Is Your Favorite Fashion Brand Greenwashing?
Yentl Syndrome: A Deadly Data Bias Against Women
Thomas Bernard on Walking, Thinking and the Paradox of Self-Observation
Befriending the lonely space within ourselves
Just sit down and write
Staying Motivated After a Major Achievement
Carbon Footprint

Choosing Presence Over Productivity 

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