goodbye, May. hello, June!

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Even when I feel life has been taken over by the mundane and the just-getting-by and I’ve had to put aside so many things that bring me joy (this blog included) to make space for other priorities, it’s rewarding to reflect on a month and find that there were pockets of good stuff. It wasn’t all about work (even though my mind was certainly focused on that)  and memories were made. Even the seemingly mundane has meaning — if we just take the time to recognize. And, for that, I am grateful.


“Most adults claim not to believe in magic, but Klara knows better. Why else would anyone play at permanence–fall in love, have children, buy a house–in the face of all evidence there’s no such thing?”
― Chloe Benjamin, The Immortalists

May highlights
read three books (21 of 35 for the year)
two blog posts (excited to get back to this after work slows down)
hosted Weekend Writers
decided to pause writing group for the foreseeable future
hosted family + enjoyed time with them
attempted Pike’s Peak + Garden of the Gods (WAY too crowded)
visited + explored the Broadmoor
finished final tasks for product go-live(!)
massage + pedi + relaxing at the spa
Vegas + Knowledge conference
new journal + journaled
hair appointment + finally found a place I like
voted in local election — twice
volunteered at Children’s Hospital – Colorado for Schwab’s Volunteer Week
brunches, lunches and celebrations with friends
flowers sent to moms for Mother’s Day + celebrated them from afar
new bedroom furniture
Rockies games (2) + two wins
donated old furniture
enjoyed gorgeous peonies from my love

June intentions + what I’m looking forward to
celebrate 1-year anniversary
big product go-live (work)
read three books + new issue of Bella Grace
vacation(!) — Seattle + Alaskan cruise
book club
30 days of gratitude
write + post four blog posts
seasonal wheel of life (summer)
Growing the Good lesson
“Beer, Here!” museum exhibit
cycle + move
farm-to-table dinner + beer pairing
Rockies game
Goodwill donation

open tabs
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Childfree Manifesto
Resources for World Refugee Day

Childfree Manifesto

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