Nicole and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week + week reflection

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I left the house yesterday for the first time in six days. Last week was rough.

It all started with a biking accident where my elbow caught my fall — and then my body caught the bike. Instead of our planned excursion, I spent Sunday on the couch in a lot of pain. After not getting much sleep Sunday night, I opted to work from home on Monday so I could keep my arm stabilized and also be near ice packs and dressing.

Repeat for Tuesday — but also throw in a cough that I attributed to allergies (I would soon learn that was wrong).

Wednesday brought a spring storm that threatened to be another doozy so I opted for day three of working remotely for the week. (I don’t trust other drivers.) That day my cough also started taking a turn for the worse and, by Thursday morning, I realized it wasn’t allergies but another nasty cold. Friday was spent in bed and on the couch.

And, if this is the part of the story where you go, “wait, weren’t you just sick?” Yeah, I was.

I finally left the house yesterday when I managed to pretend I was human again long enough to attend an event for a special kiddo who recently lost her life to cancer. But, even heavily medicated, I felt terrible hacking and potentially spreading my germs everywhere I went — even though I was very careful not to touch anything or anyone. So, after just a few short hours out in the real world. back to the couch it was.

This morning was the first time I started feeling a bit like myself again, albeit with the assistance of a lot of cold medication. I realize things could be worse — both with my cold and my elbow, the latter of which still hurts but is healing. But I’m just so sick of feeling like crap. I’m so tired of not feeling like myself. I feel like I finally just got over the cough from my February cold and then here I am again. Sick and feeling gross and pining for normalness.

On the upside, I’m saving a shit ton, I’m saving a lot of money on gas. I also read a few books and have enjoyed ample snuggle time with the pup, who is going to be in a bit of shock next week when we’re actually both gone for a workday.

Hoping my taking it slow today will result in feeling even better tomorrow. I’m ready to get back to a routine. I’m ready to get back to me.

P.S. I would be remiss not to mention my wonderful husband and thank him for caring for me after my fall and during the week — bringing me cold meds, chicken noodle soup and the beautiful flowers pictured below. He’s a keeper.


“Books are the mile markers of my life. Some people have family photos or home movies to record their past. I’ve got books. Characters. For as long as I can remember, books have been my safe place.” ― Kristin Hannah, The Great Alone

week in review
read: Words From a Wanderer + The Great Alone + The Secret Diary of Hendrick Groen, 83 1/4 Years Old
reading: My Year of Rest and Relaxation
hosted monthly writing circle
celebrated two years of knowing the hubs
attempted to go on our first bike ride of the year
learned that I would be a terrible recluse
battled my second awful cold of the year
healed a busted elbow
lots of couch time + reaching + TV and movies
wrote + posted welcoming spring in my own way + reflecting and looking ahead

weekend happenings + intentions
celebrate Tay Day
quick trip to the library to return + pick up my stack of reserved books
celebrate Tay Day

open tabs
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