welcoming spring in my own way + reflecting and looking ahead

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“The beautiful spring came; and when Nature resumes her loveliness, the human soul is apt to revive also.” ~Harriet Ann Jacobs

Spring has sprung. It’s the start of another month. One quarter down for 2019. How is it that the days go by so quickly?

The hubs and I enjoyed a quick getaway to Austin last week, which we both enjoyed immensely (blog post documenting our adventure coming soon — promise). It was a nice introduction to the new season and also allowed us to miss a spring snowstorm at home. I look forward to this time of year — the return of color to the landscape and time spent outdoors — but, when it arrives, almost immediately yearn for just a bit more winter and the unwritten encouragement for taking life a bit slower that accompanies it.

Instead of pining for the what was (and what will ultimately again be), I’m seeking opportunities to infuse my winter mindset into spring and, eventually, summer. I will find time to pause amidst the growing event list that is already causing our calendar to bulge. I will say no to events and not feel the need to apologize. I will give myself permission to ease into the new season and transition as I see fit for me.


March highlights
read five books
wrote + posted four blog posts
sorta kinda completed 30 days of kindness (I had good intentions)
explored the city + hosted two of my favorite ladies
spent my first nights alone in our new house
Dior: From Paris to the World
celebrated National Grammar Day
considered adding another furry member to our family + meet-and-greet
pampering + time with my favorite stylist
dinner + laughs with my oldest friend
Agile training
survived the bomb cyclone
hosted book club
took part in fluid painting class
participated in day-in-the-life digital workplace event
explored Austin
attended Future of Work event
FINALLY got over my cold
updates to blog + new template
A Play That Goes Wrong + date night
discovered a wonderful new local brewery/coffee shop
explored Austin
booked Alaskan cruise excursions
completed monthly review + April intentions
completed quarterly review

April intentions
host monthly writing session
get back to regular cycling workouts
complete lessons for Growing the Good
complete two lessons of writing course
book club + lead discussion
write + post six blog posts
celebrate two-years anniversary of first date with hubs
read four books + continue reading goals
give myself space to pause during workday
welcome back baseball
DaVinci exhibit
connect more with friends + family

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