and just like that, it’s February


The first month of the year,
A perfect time to start all over again,
Changing energies and deserting old moods,
New beginnings, new attitudes”
― Charmaine J Forde

I love beginnings — especially as it relates to the calendar. A new year, month, week or even day provides refreshed opportunities and a chance to begin again.

It will likely come as no surprise that January is one of my favorite months. It’s the quintessential new beginning. The final flipping of the calendar. A new number. That first page in a new planner. The start of a wide-open year ripe with newness and innocence and free of the baggage of just one day prior.

As I reflect on the first 31 days of this new year, I’m grateful for a positive and productive first month of 2019. I killed my goals and am excited to find what the rest of the year brings. And, despite February being the month which I typically despise (I equate it to the Tuesday of the year — blah), it’s chock-full of exciting plans and opportunities. Bring it, February!

January highlights
read six books
successfully completed first 30-days challenge (no sugar)
fell in love with our new Peloton bike
date night + Bronx Tale
Dallas + Phoenix (work)
completed 2019 planning: 30 days, shed, reading
book club
12 blog posts
turned our extra room into a home gym + meditation area
hosted Denver Creates monthly writing session
successful go-live of big work project
dinners + brunches with friends
booked Alaskan cruise for summer
four cycling workouts
finished 2019 planning + goals
completed first month of BookBar read-o-lution

February intentions
celebrate three years of Denver Creates + host monthly session
start cycle challenge for 2019
meditate daily (30-days challenge)
explore Foundations of Psychology course options
book club
California + whale watching
celebrate hubby’s birthday
adjust to big changes at work
read four books
raise $150 for JA bowl-a-thon + bowl
volunteer at Children’s Hospital radio-thon
cooking class
continue BookBar read-o-lution
write six blog posts


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