a year in 30 days


It’s a new year and an opportunity to approach the next 365 days (or, 352 since we’re nearly two weeks in) from the place of a fresh start and renewal. Not that anyone needs a calendar to dictate when they can make a fresh start but the new year does lend itself pretty nicely to it.

For the past few years, I’ve chosen a word of the year. And, while I’m not yet ready to share my word of the year + intention (post in-progress), I have been diligently creating a few goals for the year — one of which, to probably no one’s surprise, centers on reading (post also in-progress). The other is the topic of this post.

I’ve chosen a different goal each month to focus on + complete for 30 days. There are no expectations as it relates to time commitment or quantity (as long as it’s at least one, whether that be item, second minute, etc.) — simply do the thing each day for a month (give or take on the 30 days, depending upon the month).

Luckily, the hubs and I had already made a commitment to cut sugar starting on January 1 (similar to last year), so I’m well on my way to the first goal. Here’s what the lineup looks like for the year:

  • January: sugar-free
  • February: read
  • March: kindness (self or others)
  • April: move
  • May: reduce + remove from household
  • June: gratitude
  • July: meditate
  • August: journal
  • September: no spend
  • October: alcohol-free
  • November: write
  • December: yoga
Because it’s my own creation that I own and control, I’ve given myself permission to follow these guidelines: Can adjust + rearrange months. Can delete + add a new goal, as long as a month for which that goal will be completed has not begun. And, most importantly, approach it all with grace while not being hard on myself if I don’t make it for any given goal + month.
There will be a lot of tracking this year between this, 40 by 40 and my reading goals but I’m optimistic and looking forward to how the year goes. And, again, remembering that whole grace thing.

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