week(s) reflection + this too shall pass

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“Whether we struggle or thrive from one day to the next, whether we witness vegetables surviving the harsh winter or flourishing in the summer sunlight, growth is a constant companion to us all. Each day begins with a great sense of possibility and beckons us to do better than the day before, so it’s always worth savoring our accomplishments and insights, however small . . .” ~Nicole Gulotta, Eat This Poem

The past few weeks have vacillated between the best of times, with family celebrating the holidays, to the worst, with a string of unfortunate incidents and more work stress than I think I can actually handle. Between fighting tears and wondering how much is actually worth it, I’m doing my best to attempt positivity and keep things in perspective. But, it’s been difficult.

It seems with every step in the right direction, what follows is 10 steps back. Answers come bound with more questions and uncertainty. Opportunities, while present, come with their own set of complications and considerations. Just getting through the workday has become overly burdensome and exhausting. So exhausting. And I am exhausted.

Looking forward to the day when there are more answers than questions. When the path seems a bit more clear and I can clear my head a bit. Until then, keep going. Remembering to breathe while putting one foot in front of the other. And reminding myself that nothing lasts forever and that this, too, shall pass.

week(s) in review
read: The Hate U Give + Eat this Poem + The New Yorker
reading: Ready Player One + Dare to Lead
SoDak road trip for Thanksgiving
lots of time with nieces + nephews
hosted girlfriends for brunch
date night with the hubs
Elf the Musical with family
minimized my closet a bit more
annual tradition of watching Elf with nieces + nephew
successfully completed another no-buy November
checked out our new neighborhood library
decorated for the holidays
finally went to the doc + started feeling better + no pain
ordered holiday gifts for family
tried many new yummy recipes
finished holiday cards + ordered + received
fixed typo in holiday cards + re-ordered
lots of board + card games with the family
successfully completed another no-buy November
survived car breaking down in rush hour
quick work trip to Dallas areas
discovered the amazingness that is The Great British Baking Show
trips to our favorite zero waste + refill stores
purchased Rockies 2019 season ticket package
missed Come From Away due to not feeling well 😦
wrote a few poems while feeling inspired in-flight
wrote + posted when uncertainty is life + week(s) reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: loaded cauliflower soup
wrote + posted which comes first — the author or the idea?
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: butternut squash + spinach lasagna

weekend happenings + intentions
host monthly writing group
catch up on errands + to-do lists
celebrate friend’s birthday
November reflection + December intentions
read + relax + recharge
Goodwill donation
attempt to put work out of my mind

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