when uncertainty is life + week(s) reflection

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Do not compare yourself to anyone else, not even to other versions of yourself. There is no comparison to you, to this one you.” ~Andrew Hamm, Concerning Craft: To The Writer Who Is Not Writing

I’ve always attempted to be one of those people who doesn’t bring work home. Sharing my day and highlights and such, sure. But, I’ve always tried to leave the big things at work — especially during the not-so-great times. Have I always been successful in this? Nah. But, I still try.

Lately, it’s been more difficult to leave work at work.

A week ago, my boss left and it’s been really difficult to deal with. Not only did I have a great relationship with him (still do) but he’s someone I really admire and I could rely on him when I needed him. That’s gone. 

Adding salt to the wound is the uncertainty surrounding the big question of “what happens now?” and how does it impact me, my teams, my product? And how can I feel any sort of comfort when, seemingly nothing, is in my control? Uncertainty is difficult — especially when it involves something as significant as your career. Luckily my boss wasn’t the only I have a strong connection with at work and I have a group of peers who are, honestly, just the best. And, it’s because of them (and my teams), 

As for keeping work at work — I’m making an exception for now. My husband is also an amazing support system and, luckily, I have many friends and family members who also play that role. Now is that the time to pretend nothing is wrong and nothing is happening and I’m okay — I’m kinda not. But I will be.

week(s) in review
reading: Dare to Lead + The Hate U Give
read latest issue (17) of Bella Grace Magazine
hosted monthly weekend writers
first houseguest in the new house
hosted housewarming party
engagement + wedding prints
October review + November goals
work happy hour
celebrated from afar nephew’s fifth birthday
high tea with hubs + mother-in-law
first checkout from the Denver Tool Library
endured some days of pain + not feeling well
received our first rent payment as landlords
tried many new yummy recipes
completed the first half of no-buy November
continued progress on big work
edited replace Denver BSL newsletter
wrote + posted week(s) reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: stir-fried turnips with bacon, pineapple and greens

weekend happenings + intentions
host brunch + catch up with good friends
see Come From Away
prepare for turkey day road trip
host monthly weekend writers
catch up on recipe blog posts
enjoy an extra hour of sleep
birthday wishes for our nephew
write + read + relax

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