looking forward to bored + week reflection

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I think baseball represents something closer to our experience. There’s no clock in baseball; it’s not over until it’s over. It’s like life in that there are prolonged periods of boredom and monotony, punctuated by intense moments of excitement and sometimes terror. ~Bennett Miller

The fact that I am taking time to write at this moment is a pretty huge accomplishment considering we have a new home filled with boxes (actually, surprisingly, not too many that are still full) and disarray around every corner. I am cheating a bit as I’m at my monthly writing group and it would be pretty silly if I came all the way here (yes, it’s no longer in my neighborhood — because this is no longer my neighborhood) and didn’t write, but it’s certainly tempting. My to-do list contains more items than I’m comfortable with it housing and my innate need to finish something

Alas, here I am — taking a break from the busyness and unpacking to write. And sit. And breathe. And write. *happy sigh*

Not only is this time for writing but the break from busy is allowing me to pause and appreciate all of the goodness. Maybe our house is a mess and it seems miles away from being in a state where we’ll feel like everything is “done,” but we have a new house that we adore. One that already feels like home — despite the bare walls and boxes in the corners. My husband and I are similar when it comes to the getting-it-all-done mentality, which can be a great asset because, well, we get shit done. But, because we are so alike in that aspect, it’s even more important to ensure we pause to be grateful (and also just to take a break, because we’re also bad about that).

And, while I will return to busy for a bit because of that aforementioned house that needs to be organized, as well as our prior house that needs to be cleaned and prepped for our renters, I am so looking forward to boredness and boredom and every other version of not having that daunting to-do list (or, at least the relief from the immediacy that comes with items that come with deadlines and schedules not controlled by me).

I keep saying 2019 is going to be the year that nothing happens — and, after the year we’ve had, I welcome with open arms a year of nothing. In fact, it can’t get here soon enough.


week in review
what I read: Tell Me How It Ends: An Essay in 40 Questions
what I’m reading: Braving the Wilderness
became new owners of a beautiful Victorian
packed + moved to our new home
said goodbye to my home of nearly six years
unpacked all but five boxes (woohoo!)
celebrated 3rd birthday of friend’s kiddo
officially joined team Replace Denver BSL
enjoyed a chilly final farmers’ market of the season
Dear Evan Hansen
cheered on the Rockies — A LOT
celebrated National Black Dog Day
officially kicked of growing new team in Texas (work)
continued to feel grave disappointment in my country
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: roasted cabbage and apples with sausage
wrote + posted lasts + week reflection

weekend happenings + intentions
unpack + organize
September review + October goals (holdover from last week)
Big Wonderful
shopping for my favorite pup’s birthday
many Lowe’s + Target runs
host Denver Creates monthly writing circle
continue to cheer on the Rox
relax + rest + enjoy our new home

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