lasts + week reflection

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“The bad news is nothing lasts forever.
The good news is nothing lasts forever.”
― J. Cole

This weekend is punctuated by lasts. Last Rockies regular season game. Last farmers market of the season. Last day of September (which happens to be my favorite month). And, the mother of lasts — last weekend at our current address (where I’ve lived for nearly six years).

But, with lasts come firsts and beginnings. We kick off our 2018/2019 Denver Center for the Performing Arts subscription with Dear Evan Hansen. We will be spending our first night in our new home and neighborhood on Friday. I’m experiencing my first full week at a new age, which is a bit closer to 40 than I’m comfortable with at this time.

All of the lasts are pretty apropos for this time of the year as we watch nature shed and let go in preparation for winter. And, as we prepare for those last leaves to fall, it’s an important reminder to us all that an end isn’t just an end — but a beautiful beginning to something new.



week in review
what I’m reading: Braving the Wilderness
celebrated another trip around the sun
yummy birthday dinner with my love
box delivery + packed for our big move
Goodwill donation
joined the ranks of electric-car ownership
farmers’ market
new phone + memoji fun
listened to Kavanaugh hearing + sent so much love to Dr. Ford
weekly farmers’ market trips
phone dates + texting with nieces and nephew
celebrated start of my favorite season
wrote + posted where has all the free time gone + week(s) reflection
wrote + posted this week in our kitchen: tahini noodles with roasted chickpeas and carrots

weekend happenings + intentions
3rd birthday party celebration
September review + October goals
farmers’ market
Dear Evan Hansen
cheer on the Rockies at last regular season game

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